For Investors

BPZE1 has been developed with over $30 million in committed funding.
• ILiAD Biotechnologies has secured commitments of over $23 million to conduct business operations, R&D, and clinical research activities.
• €10 million of European Union funding supported early BPZE1 research and a clinical study.

Since licensing BPZE1 in December 2013, ILiAD has made significant progress advancing vaccine development, including:

• Initiation of an NIH-sponsored Phase 2a clinical study at Vanderbilt University
• Completion of a Phase 1b (high dose) clinical study at the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden
• Demonstration of 99.9% reduction in B. pertussis nasopharyngeal colonization vs. controls in a non-human primate study
• Manufacturing process development to formulate a more shelf-stable lyophilized vaccine for storage and distribution
• Synthesis, characterization and preclinical experiments for several modified BPZE1 strains
• Issuance by the U.S. and European Patent and Trademark offices of BPZE1 vaccine patents with broad claims

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