• IL-17-dependent SIgA-mediated protection against nasal Bordetella pertussis infection by live attenuated BPZE1 vaccine.
• A Phase I Clinical Study of a Live Attenuated Bordetella Pertussis Vaccine - BPZE1; A Single Centre, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Dose-Escalating Study of BPZE1 Given Intranasally to Healthy Adult Male Volunteers.
• B-cell responses after intranasal vaccination with the novel attenuated Bordetella Pertussis vaccine strain BPZE1 in a randomized phase I clinical trial.
• Live Attenuated Pertussis Vaccine BPZE1 Protects Baboons Against Bordetella Pertussis Disease and Infection
• Heterologous prime-boost immunization with live attenuated B. pertussis BPZE1 followed by acellular pertussis vaccine in mice.
• New pertussis vaccination approaches: en route to protect newborns?
• Pertussis: acellular, whole-cell, new vaccines, what to choose?
• Live attenuated vaccines against pertussis.
• Dose response of attenuated Bordetella Pertussis BPZE1-induced protection in mice.
• Live Attenuated B. pertussis as a Single-Dose Nasal Vaccine against Whooping Cough
• Highly Attenuated Bordetella Pertussis Strain BPZE1 as a Potential Live Vehicle for Delivery of Heterologous Vaccine Candidates
• A Live Attenuated Bordetella Pertussis Candidate Vaccine Does Not Cause Disseminating Infection in Gamma Interferon Receptor Knockout Mice
• T- and B-Cell-Mediated Protection Induced by Novel, Live Attenuated Pertussis Vaccine in Mice. Cross Protection against Parapertussis
• Dual mechanism of protection by live attenuated Bordetella Pertussis BPZE1 against Bordetella bronchiseptica in mice
• Attenuated Bordetella Pertussis BPZE1 protects against allergic airway inflammation and contact dermatitis in mouse models
• Immunogenicity of Live Attenuated B. pertussis BPZE1 Producing the Universal Influenza Vaccine Candidate M2e
• Attenuated Bordetella Pertussis vaccine protects against respiratory syncytial virus disease via an IL-17-dependent mechanism.
• A live, attenuated Bordetella Pertussis vaccine provides long-term protection against virulent challenge in a murine model.
• Genetic stability of the live attenuated Bordetella Pertussis vaccine candidate BPZE1.
• Attenuated Bordetella Pertussis Vaccine Candidate BPZE1 Promotes Human Dendritic Cell CCL21-Induced Migration and Drives a Th1/Th17 Response.
• Long-term immunity against pertussis induced by a single nasal administration of live attenuated B. pertussis BPZE1.
• Attenuated Bordetella Pertussis vaccine strain BPZE1 modulates allergen-induced immunity and prevents allergic pulmonary pathology in a murine model.
• Attenuated Bordetella Pertussis BPZE1 as a live vehicle for heterologous vaccine antigens delivery through the nasal route.
• Possible Options for New Pertussis Vaccines
• Live Attenuated B. pertussis BPZE1 Rescues the Immune Functions of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infected Human Dendritic Cells by Promoting Th1/Th17 Responses

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